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Opponents defeated: 136.553 (506.)

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People wish they can live in harmony

So lets all just hug....
lets all just kiss....
lets all just be best friends forever....



Combat achievements
Plunderer (Gold - Level 4)

Plunder resources from other villages 10.000 times.

Robber (Silver - Level 3)

Loot a total of 1.000.000 resources.

Self-attack (Silver - Level 3)

Attack yourself and lose more than 1.000 units in one battle.

Leader (Bronze - Level 2)

Defeat a total of 100.000 enemy units.

The Warlord (Bronze - Level 2)

Attack 25 different players

Demolisher (Wood - Level 1)

Destroy 25 building levels using catapults.

Nobles Faith (Wood - Level 1)

Defeat a nobleman in battle.

Social achievements
Brothers in Arms (Wood - Level 1)

Be a member of the same tribe for 30 consecutive days.

Growth achievements
Market Guru (Bronze - Level 2)

Trade resources using the market 100 times.

Score champion (Bronze - Level 2)

Climb the rankings tables and reach 5.000 points.

Accomplished student (Wood - Level 1)

Improve your paladins' skills to a combined total of 15 skill levels.

Band of Brothers (Wood - Level 1)

Have 2 paladins.

Other achievements
Years of Service (Gold - Level 4)

Play Tribal Wars for 4 years.

Achievements on other worlds
World 82